MBA 556- Mall Management & Risk Management



The question paper will consist of Two parts, A and B. Part A will have 15 short answer questions (40-60 words) of 2 marks each. Part B will have 12 long answer questions of 5 marks each. The syllabus of the subject is divided into 3 sections I, II and III. The question paper will cover the entire syllabus uniformly. Part A will carry 5 questions from each section and Part B will carry 4 questions from each section.



Candidates are required to attempt all questions from Part A and 9 questions of Part B out of 12.

Aims and Objectives

         To understand the concept of Malls.

         To understand commercial lease terms and components.

         To understand maintenance management concepts.

         HRM panning for mall management.

  • To raise awareness of security issues
  • To assess the risk components in retail environment

         To enable understanding techniques to minimize stock losses


Section 1


         Global Overview of Retail and Mall Management

         Introduction to Malls

         Site Selection Process

         Understanding and Review of Commercial Lease

         Tenant Mix

         Marketing Planning and Branding of Malls


Section 2


         Maintenance Management

         Shopping Entertainment

         Shopping Centers

         HRM planning and Organization Structure


Section 3


         Learn Risk assessment techniques and reduce personal/safety risks

         Techniques of preventing violence against staff

         Improve Cash Security

         Major causes of Retail Crime

         Prevention and deterrence of Retail Crime

         Security and Loss Control Techniques

         Identify Potential Shoplifters and various method they use